Legem Abogados is an office focused on private law that was founded in January 1999, from which we offer you comprehensive advice, securing the knowledge of always being attended to by senior Lawyers registered with the ICAV, and with Lawyers who are specialised in many different areas. The headquarters for our offices are located in the centre of Valencia, however there are also headquarters in Gandía and Moraira (Marina-Alicante), meaning we offer our services throughout the Valencia Community.

However, given the international nature of the firm’s clients, we have collaboration agreements with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Malaga, as well as with offices in almost all European countries. Furthermore, the legal needs of our foreign clients will be covered for both in Spain and in their country of origin or residence.

Legem Abogados is the only law firm within the Valencian Community that has been awarded a prize by Asepi (Spanish Association of Property Owners).

Likewise, matters regarding commercial advice and collaborations with law firms abroad, usually cover the different possible ways of contracting and distributing products and services. Additionally, the management of claims for non-payment due to a contract breach is especially useful for European colleagues.
The main areas of work with non-resident individual clients are real estate, inheritance, family and tax, with the links below providing more information.


    Work areas with non resident clients

    Inheritance is a controversial issue that affects many parties involved. If you have not appointed a lawyer or executor who is managing the estate and you are not fully protected or informed, you can be advised by us. Meaning no damage will be done to the estate or heirs as a whole, no administrative procedures will be delayed, no management issues, and without even having to intervene in the process.

    International inheritance has its distinct characteristics  (AUGUSTO PUT SOMETHING A COUPLE OF INTERNATIONAL LINES HERE)

    A large part of the management and procedures surrounding inheritance can also be done online. However, we will be happy to help you through email or via telephone. If you want a quote or an explanation of the steps to take, send us an email to, indicating the subject of your query and a contact email address.


    The most important service within this section is the drafting of personalised contracts. From experience in order to save a little money, people often download standard Internet contracts that are free or forms that cost very little money. Without knowing the details of the content that they are agreeing to, and above all, what they fail to agree on, many questions remain unresolved, which are usually the ones that later cause the greatest problems.


    The help of a lawyer whilst drafting contracts is vital for contracts that have uses other than housing, (especially in commercial premises, warehouses), where the first deciding matter is what the parties agree on, even before any involvement from the law.


    This also applies for housing contracts if you are wanting to take advantage of the rights and benefits that the law grants to the owner. A very frequent example that we find in the contracts extracted from standard forms is the absence of an agreement to reserve the right to access the flat for one's own use five years before . In this case, if due to subsequent circumstances (temporary change of residence, new residence in Spain, separation or divorce, needing the flat for their children, etc.) we discover that the owner needs their own flat to live in and they have not agreed to it correctly, they will not be able to do so, forcing them to rent another house.


    We not only offer you a contract tailored to your particular needs, but you will have the possibility of accessing a direct contact (by phone or in person) with a lawyer, with whom will help you deal with these issues or others, and who will be the one on that interview, and making the contract.


    Issues you can also contact us about are:

    - How to collect the IBI from the tenant when it has not been collected for a long time.

    - Holiday tourism rental by non-resident owners

    - How to calculate IBI updates

    - Buy a property as a non-resident of Spain

    - Tenant rights

    - What they offer alongside the house, etc.

    Be well informed before an important contract. You need to anticipate the problems that usually arise from a deposit contract, know the problems of acquiring or transmitting VPO homes, what are considered charges or taxes, the obligation to pay the debts that the apartment has if the contract of sale is not done well.

    Find out about the different options you have before formalising the final sale, and decide which of interest you the most (a private contract, a deposit contract, a purchase option, etc). Know the specific protection you have as a consumer in the sale of real estate. Likewise, before transmitting or acquiring, find out about the tax repercussions, the taxes that you must pay, and work out which tax option is the most suitable for you.

    In the event that it is a chalet or non-urban dwelling, problems can multiply which unfortunately is very common (differences in space, non-legalized works, swimming pools or terraces built without authorization, type of soil and different uses, differences between the description of the property in the cadastre or in the Registry, etc.).

    In short, do not go to a business as important as the purchase or sale of a home without having been advised by a lawyer, and without resolving the different issues that affect said transfer.

    Consult us through

    Commercial advice and collaborations that we usually do with firms from other European countries regarding companies, the necessities usually involve the different possible ways of contracting, distributing products and services within Spain. It is especially useful for European colleagues when managing claims for a lack of payment or for breach of a contract in Spain, and negotiations under Spanish law.


    In the office we also have two bankruptcy advisors who are essential in cases of foreseeable or imminent bankruptcy of companies, also within the legal proceedings due to a failure to pay by Spanish companies that have not yet completely ceased their activity.

    Likewise, collaboration in the drafting or revision of contracts is very common, which sometimes requires our firms from European companies that intend to begin contracting in Spain.





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